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How to Ruin All Our Skin Progress in One Action

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Not wearing SPF?!?!

My friend that is all you have to do to ruin the treatments and hard work you're putting into your skin to achieve that "GLOW!" All those expensive products and excellent treatments fall by the wayside and new damage begins if you’re not wearing SPF daily. If you had been wearing SPF initially, you might not have these skin issues we are fixing in the first place, so wear it now that we are working towards the skin you want... don't you want to keep it???


Yes. We hear it all the time as estheticians in Ohio as our clients say, "Oh, I don't need SPF; I work inside on a computer." Did you know that UV rays and blue light from technology cause 90% of all intrinsic damage to the skin? That means your computer work contributes to your wrinkles, and wearing SPF will help prevent that and help our treatments last!

The simple step of wearing high-powered SPF and SPF makeup can positively impact the integrity of the skin. "What is "High-Powered SPF?" I'm so glad you asked... It's important that you know I’m not talking about your foundation with SPF 15 on the label. I’m talking about SPF, which is designed to act as makeup and performs better for your skin and your complexion. We use Colorscience at the spa because of their commitment to ingredients that work and makeup that's beautiful. As a makeup artist who wears SPF daily, you must listen to your skin and give it what it needs if you want to play with makeup and the fun stuff!

Not consulting with the esthetician when treating acne.

You can cause more damage to the barrier and create more irritation and acne lesions by not taking the proper steps under the skincare direction of your esthetician. Acne is not a one-size problem, so each approach is customized to the person. The habitual and dietary factors that lead to acne are astounding, and environmental factors change from person to person, so we must ensure that we meet your specific needs. Watching TikTok and following the latest trend for acne may seem like a great idea because your friend's sister did it and her acne "went away," but remember those influencers are after likes and follows for their product reviews, not results for the future of YOUR skin. And that is EXACTLY what your esthetician is after.

Guess and Check

When buying skincare, consider how many bottles sit on your countertop or in your cabinet. Why aren’t you using them? Do you have buyer's remorse? How old are they? You can save so much money by having somebody curate skin care and help you switch products when needed and how to transition to different products. depending on your region, you may have to cycle through different products at different times of the year, and that’s OK. Here in Ohio, our skin transitions all of the time, and we do need to keep up with what it’s asking you for. You’d probably spend less money and have fewer products in your cupboard if you ask for guidance and are able to have help working through your skin issues as they happen, and we can plan for them not to happen at all!

So, you have two choices, it seems... start wearing SPF and see your esthetician regularly and achieve lasting good skin you're in love with!


Keep doing what you're doing and cycling through skin issues that don't bring confidence and cause permanent damage.

Which option works better for you?

If you need SPA, we recommend TIZO or COLORSCIENCE (for those who want SPF makeup)

If you're struggling with ACNE, check out our ACNE BOOT CAMP

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