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Permanent Makeup Academy

Set yourself apart with our expert apprenticeship for your permanent makeup tattoo business. The course is designed for the strictest of counties' licensing requirements, so adhering to this program will ensure you're ready to slay this service in your business.

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PMU Services


Customized Looks For Your Beautiful Face

Ask About Paramedical Tattoo Options Such as:

Areola Restoration, Thyroidectomy Scars, Stretch Marks

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InLei Lash Filler

This course will give you the knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills to give your clients luscious eyelashes that last for weeks.

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InLei Brow Bomber

This course will give you the knowledge, tools, techniques and skills to add BOMB brows to your service menu and offer your clients more.

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Skin Classic Certification

To enroll in SKIN CLASSIC certification and training under the direction of Mallori Duvall, LE- to offer skin tag services & thermolysis on a multitude of skin conditions, you'll need to start here.

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The Beauty Rituals Brazilian Experience

Adding Brazilian Waxing To Your Spa Menu 

Learn the technique that will have your clients BRAGGING about you everywhere and stay loyal no matter what! When you learn to offer a painless, stress-free waxing experience that really FEELS like self-care and not a trauma wound reactivated, your business sky-rockets! Trust Mallori! Read her story here

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AAM PMU Board Certified Instructor


Industry leader, influencer & educator with  decades of experience. The passion and dedication to the art and science of modern aesthetics is showcased in the realistic results achieved over and over again lead to AAM PMU Board Certification, 8x Advanced Certifications, and requests to "Teach The Beauty Rituals Method" turned into Beauty Rituals Academy. Beauty Rituals is amongst dome of the most highly educated, respected and coveted  professionals in the cosmetic tattoo community.




At Beauty Rituals Academy, we do things differently! Our raining is so much more than the necessary firm understanding of “how” to execute a techniques but the comprehension of “why” choices are made to do things a certain way. Students become unique artists, more than a cookie cutter template artist,  but are able to make the critical decisions necessary for each of their clients. We offer cosmetic tattoo training suitable for any level and focus on the FUNDAMENTALS + BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT while incorporating advanced techniques & tips. 




It is imperative that before you touch someone's face with the intent to tattoo that you are familiar with the entire process and method, and have practiced with your machine & materials. The experience training you get with the in-depth BEAUTY RITUALS experience is invaluable to your new career. The sanitation, safety, and theory portion of our program is a large component of what will set you apart from your competition. If you're looking to SLAY in this industry, you need to attend Beauty Rituals Academy to feel confident.  

Tattoo Removal

We don't tattoo over old work for your benefit. Therefore we offer PMU Removal Service for any removals or corrections requested. 

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I chose Beauty Rituals Academy because I knew I wanted to get into the permanent makeup industry. I came across Mal online and started sending her messages inquiring about what she teaches. She was so open and friendly and answered my questions, and never made me feel dumb. I love how knowledgable she is and helps me feel successful. I absolutely loved training at Beauty Rituals Academy! 


Christina A. - Lash Artist

I previously learned lash lift and tint in beauty school, and I never felt fully comfortable doing them. I decided to take the class with Mallori and fell in love with the natural lash service. She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything so clearly. Now when I get ready to do lash lifts I am confident with the whole process and love the results! Mallori is a great mentor for me. She believes in my career decisions and is a great friend.


Elianna Pacella, LE

After being trained by Mallori, I am so confident in providing lash lift and tints as one of my services. She is so incredibly thorough throughout the whole process and is right there by your side watching and gives so many helpful tips. She has so much experience and expertise in this industry and is always there when I have any questions. Mallori will be there for continued support and encouragement even after you take one of her trainings!

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InLei Lash Filler.jpg

These classes are offered at Beauty Rituals Academy under the direction of licensed and certified Esthetician, Trainer, and Permanent Makeup Artist Mallori Duvall. 

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Located at Hilltop Plaza

584 East Main Street, Unit 40, Canfield, Ohio 44406


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