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Permanent Makeup Academy
The Beauty Rituals Experience

Master Trainer, 9x Certified, Mallori Duvall, LE

Location: In-Spa (Beauty Rituals, 584 E. Main Street Unit 40, Canfield)


GROUP CLASS DATES (Open Enrollment for Private Classes: Call 330-540-8892)
February 5-10, 2024

March 11-17, 2024

April 22-28, 2024


One-on-one  and private group classes available to learn how to offer the  THE BEAUTY RITUALS EXPERIENCE. 


Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

Learn Permanent Makeup and start a new career in the beauty industry at Beauty Rituals Academy

AAM Diamond PMU Certified Instructor, Mallori Duvall, LE

Fundamentals Course

Group Sessions & Solo Apprenticeships avaialble




The Beauty Rituals Experience | Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup 101 includes 100-Hour Fundamental Course & Extra 80-Hour Apprenticeship & Business Fundamentals

1. Eyebrow Theory & Design Mapping ( Three Models Included)
2. Eyeliner Theory & Design Mapping (Three Models Included)
3. Lip Theory &  Design Mapping (Three Models Included)

Our Course Segments Cover

  • Learn How to Use a Tattoo Machine

  • Basic Needle Cartridge Knowledge

  • Color Theory

  • Patterns and Techniques to design brows, eyeliner & lips


3 models per segment included (9 Total)
Your Additional Model Fees are $75 per model (Average 20 Models During Apprenticeship)

Included Machine Experience Day 

Machine Theory & needle configuration, and understanding pattern work- This helps with confidence and understanding of the ergonomics of the job before you can learn the job. -- Everyone needs this.  

*Note: Microblading experience does not count.

Who Can Enroll? 

Applicants must be: 

  • 18+ 

  • Able to attend classes and hands-on training opportunities in Canfield, Ohio, at Beauty Rituals

That's it. After you take this course, you'll be prepared to apply for your license in your state (check your state-specific requirements) and start!


We even provide you a starter kit that will start you with the materials needed to generate income and level up your business quicker than trying to piece all of this and your education together on your own! 

Each county and state is different. This is not a license program; it's a training program. In some states, you simply must be 18+ to apply for a cosmetic tattoo license and pass some education requirements.


Located in Canfield, Ohio, Beauty Rituals Academy offers a beautiful training program that prepares you for a career opportunity that can carve your path in aesthetics while generating an excellent income for yourself and providing a service that makes people smile more when they look in the mirror. Win/Win/Win 


Request Enrollment Information

PMU Enrollment Request

If You Prefer to Contact Beauty Rituals Academy Directly to Enroll: 

Phone: 330-540-8892


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