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Brow Lamination
InLei Bomber Class

Master Trainer, InLei Certified, Mallori Duvall, LE

Location: Online or In-Spa (Beauty Rituals, 584 E. Main Street Unit 40, Canfield)

When: Monthly

Brow Lamination Course Description

Learn an awesome new skill with a product line that outshines all the rest. InLei®’s Brow Bomber (i.e., Brow Lamination) system tames unruly brow hair while promoting hair growth and volume. This course is capped at 4 participants, so you get individualized instruction in a safe environment.

Brow Bomber isn’t runny like other lamination products, so you can even apply it to your clients while they are sitting up. Plus, it’s the only product we’ve used that is consistent and reliable with results. We’re not kidding when we call it revolutionary.

Our Brow Bomber Course requires a complete kit (INCLUDED)


This kit will get you through your first 35+ clients. No other product on the market can match InLei®'s quality and testing to ensure and protect the health of your client's brows.


You will learn:

  • Brow Bomber History

  • Hair Biochemistry

  • Brow Bomber: Essential Information

  • Clinical test of the Brow Bomber treatment

  • InLei Product Description

  • Treatment Procedure

  • Practical on live models

  • Health and Safety


Your course REQUIRES a Brow Bomber Kit, which contains:

  • (InLei® Brow Lift 1

  • InLei®i Brow Lock 2

  • InLei® Brow Bomber 3

  • InLei® Mister Fix

  • InLei® F-Brushes)

Plus a Brow Tint Kit, complete with a line of 8 gorgeous colors + bleach, products, and accessories:

  • 1X "Shiny Black" 15ml

  • 1X "Blue Night" 15ml

  • 1X "Brown" 15ml

  • 1X "Light Brown" 15ml

  • 1X "Cappucino" 15ml

  • 1X "Chestnut" 15ml

  • 1X "Silver" 15ml

  • 1X "Red" 15ml

  • 1X Eyebrow decolorant "Sunshine" 15ml

  • 1X "Developer Cream" 1,5% 5 Vol.- oxidizer cream to mix with tint 100ml

  • 1X "Saline Pretreatment" - degreasing saline solution 100ml

  • 1X "Pro Tint Remover"

  • 1X "Michelangelo" professional oblique cut brush

  • 1X "Only" solution or tinting bowl

  • 1x Precious "colour chart + mixing.

  • InLei Mousse

  • Certificate and Manual

  • Wax Pencil





Registration fees paid are non-refundable. In the case of strict government restrictions, fees paid are transferable to another date.

If you need to switch to another date for personal reasons, we will need two weeks' notice. This can only be transferred once.

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