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Any method for removing pigments

from the skin has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no 100% ideal and global removal technique, each case has to be considered and treated individually.

Removal of Tattoos and Permanent Make Up is a time-consuming process consisting of several treatments and thorough reflections. However, it is quite possible to completely remove the pigments in the skin. With patience, calm and profound knowledge.

The most well-known and popular tattoo removal method is the LASER. However, it does not always get very far, because the laser can not recognize many colors (white, beige, yellow, orange, yellow-green, some reds). In addition, it often reaches its limits when the once easily visible pigments do not have sufficient contrast to the skin after some treatment-sessions. At this stage laser removal will be less effective until unsuccessful

White or beige colour should not be treated with the laser at all. Under the laser beam, these pigments change color, in dirty green-gray to black tones, which can then no longer be removed. The same applies to all pigments which are mixed on the basis of white or beige colours.

Removing acrylate-based pigments with lasers can be dangerous. These pigments can melt under the laser beam and lead to internal skin burns (and scarring).

Nowadays, the “PIGMENT OFF Remover” makes it possible to effectively and completely remove pigments of all colors and shades, as well as any origin and dispersion. Even the stubborn microblading pigments based on acrylate can be removed with “Pigment Off” being very successful. You can read more how it works.

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  • The risk of scarring or fibrosis was reduced to a minimum (<1%)

  • contains no acids – the Pigment-Off-Remover is basic

  • contains no carcinogenic ingredients

  • removes ALL colors, also beige, green and white

  • removes ALL pigment types (iron oxides, acrylics, synthetic pigments, even ink)

  • fast and painless treatment

  • high efficiency, fast visible results

  • no destruction of hair roots

  • no inflammation

  • no hyper- or hypopigmentation risk

  • no loss of suntanning ability

  • notified cosmetic product (for professional use)

  • the tattoo age does not matter

  • work with a device or manual pen possible

  • unique home care products

  • proven “Made in Germany” quality!

We do not do do cover ups. We don't like the outcome for our clients. Removal is $135 A SESSION. We do not guarantee the outcome. As I always say "Every Body is different." You heal in your own way and I can't predict what you will do. At Beauty Rituals Tattoo and Med Spa in Canfield, we take care of you! 

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