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Holiday Beauty Rituals

What started as one cookie...
What started as just one Christmas party...

We have the best intentions, but there's something about an Ohio Christmas that screams sweets, treats, and family stress... I mean fun!

When these situations pile up, and I'm talking about the stress, not the cookies- of course, it's important to remember your beauty rituals. These daily rituals your esthetician has recreated for you can be relaxing, focusing, and your best effort to keep your skin calm during all this change.

Here are some reminders for your Holiday Season in addition to your regularly recommended Beauty Rituals from your esthetician @BeautyRitualsSkincare

  • Schedule Regular Sauna Sessions (Or buy a membership)-- The Infrared Sauna has so many benefits, one being detoxification!

  • Focus on hydration - your body (drink water!) and your skin (use the correct serum!)

  • Carry a moisturizing facial mist and SPRITZ throughout the day

  • Listen to music that makes you JOYFUL (that may not be Christmas tunes...that's okay! But if it is... jingle all the way!)

  • Write little notes to your family and friends, reminding them why you love them... it will help you remember when you're stressed! *wink*

  • When you wash your face at night, spend a second or two on everything you're grateful for from the day.

  • When you apply your SPF in the mornings, remember that summer is not far away!

  • When you eat your nourishing breakfast, remind yourself that your skincare for selfies doesn't include 3-plates of cookies for breakfast, and theirs a reason for this season!

Most of all... Remind yourself that you are LOVED, and you are not alone.

Your BEAUTY RITUALS MED SPA full of resources was created to help you focus on the beautiful you through the day-to-day.

Also, know that we understand that plans change and things come up... We've made it super simple to rearrange your own appointments using our Vagaro app and your own account. Please reschedule instead of last-minute no-show or cancel messages. We have busy schedules, just like you, and if you can't make it- someone else might want to use that appointment time. Give the gift of courtesy and joy this Christmas... even if you have to cancel! But... we don't want you to cancel, so let us know how to get you on the books!

Merry Christmas, Beauties! We look forward to sharing all of our growth and exciting news with you in 2023. You're why we are here!

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