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Sauna Memberships Available

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

As requested, Beauty Rituals now offers an unlimited Sauna Membership that includes 60-minute sessions as many times a month as you'd like for only $130 (Huge Savings!)

Beauty Rituals members can enjoy our tranquil spaces and transformative, soul-awakening experiences with unlimited 1-Hour Sessions per month! Memberships are limited, and all arrival times are arranged with one of our guides at the desk or by text or call.

Being a member, you will receive priority booking times and the special offer monthly rate of $130/month.

Let's do the math

Let's say you visit two times per week for 30 -minute single sessions now.

That's $240 per month on average.

Now, you can become a Beauty Rituals Sauna Member and visit your same 2x per week for 60 minute sessions for $130/month ... Or come more often as needed.

This is your opportunity to join the most luxurious sauna membership in Canfield, Ohio, without breaking your holiday budget!

This HUGE savings opportunity is available for a limited number of spaces for a limited time. Sign up NOW before this deal is gone.

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