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Eat for Beauty

What a great fall we are having here in Ohio. The leaves are so colorful and vivid. It reminds me how vibrant and beautiful your skin can be. Colors of yellow, red and orange in balance make for a beautiful complexion.

I remember years ago reading something about how eating vibrant colors actually makes your skin vibrant and colorful. When I was young I loved carrots. I had eaten so many at one point that my mom thought I had an orange glow!! Now that may have been an extreme case but you get my point. It's good to eat your colors in moderation. Eating seasonally can benefit the skin by utilizing nutrients from the wide assortment of fresh fruits and veggies that change from season to season.

My favorite food this time of year is Pumpkin. Pumpkin contains vitamins C,A,E and antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants help to fight wrinkles and instigate cell turnover. Pumpkin is an amazing enzyme on the skin as well. Combined with the scent of clove and cinnamon, it gives me that cozy feeling of fall. It's also a great addition to your fall menu both savory and sweet!

Now that Autumn is here, we say "So Long" to the hot bright sun of summer 2020. It kissed many cheeks a bit too hard and let that hyperpigmentation out of hiding. Many of my clients were commenting on the "crispy" texture of their skin and the faint spots were now full on dark spots. The best way to deal with those pop up dark spots is to schedule a treatment.

Your skin will adore Color up therapeutics nourishing ENZYME - Pumpkin Face Masque. As I mentioned before, Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, the antioxidants that help combat wrinkles and sun damage. Pair with dermaplaning, and you will glow this holiday season! Tap the Book button below to schedule your facial today. New facial clients please book "not sure what to book" . Existing clients please book (60-75-90 min) . Let's put a little holiday sparkle back in your skin.


A few delicious and healthy recipe's to try thanks to Jay Nixon of Thrive forever fit. You can use your own ingredients such as protein.

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