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Pretty Peach Vagacial ( A Facial for your ... peach!) | Brazilian Wax in Canfield

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Bikini and ingrown Hair Treatment Appointments are Available in Canfield, Ohio, with Licensed Esthetician Mallori Duvall Learn more at

Brazilian Wax in Canfield

Brazilian Wax in Canfield

Pretty Peach Vagacial: A Canfield Ohio Beauty Ritual Experience for Every Woman Who Has Ever Been Nervous About a Bikini or Brazilian Wax. We've heard the traumatic stories after googling "waxing in Boardman" and going where suggested. Try Beauty Rituals instead. We have a reputation that doesn't involve trauma anywhere ... at all.

We deep cleanse sensitive skin and then use a special mud mask on ingrown hairs to bring them up to the surface so they can be extracted. A calming treatment and healing antioxidant treatment are then used to finish the service.

This treatment is ideal for women with sensitive skin who have experienced irritation or redness after waxing. It will also help reduce ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and razor bumps that can develop after shaving or waxing. Schedule a Brazilian Wax in Canfield, where you can feel safe & comfortable.

Brazilian Wax in Canfield

Remember, following this service, no GYM or SEX for 24 hours!

Read this article for more information.

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