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All Things Hair Removal

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

As a hair removal expert at Beauty Rituals in Canfield, OH I encounter many hair removal method questions regarding best practices. The most popular hair removal methods I’ve encountered at Beauty rituals in Canfield, OH include: Waxing, Creams (Delpilatory), Shaving, Sugaring, Laser and Electrolysis.

Waxing: Either hard or soft. Some waxes have a polymer base and some have a gel base. Applied with a gloved hand and a wooden or stainless-steel applicator, they are spread onto the skin in the chosen area. Some wax hardens around the hair and others can be sticky and need a paper to remove the product. Whatever the ingredients are they all have one thing in common, they remove the hair. I use different waxes all over the body in many applications. I prefer to use hard wax in delicate areas as it doesn't adhere to the first layer of skin. This results in a more pleasant experience. So, for Brazilian waxing I like to use hard wax. If I wax legs I use a soft wax because I get a better result.

Pros and Cons: Waxing can be done on any hair type and is relatively affordable depending on which salon you go to. Typically, salons, like Beauty Rituals in Canfield, OR charge for waxing at around $30 to $90 (Brazilians can be more expensive since they're more involved). It can be a little painful the first time but gets easier if you are consistent.

Sugaring is another wonderful form of hair removal and comes in a more natural and sustainable form. It is basically cane sugar, lemon juice (citric acid) and water, applied with a gloved hand and spread over the desired area. I like sugar as it is biodegradable and sustainable. I offer this as an option to my clients.

Pros and Cons: Unlike waxing, you can use this on slightly shorter hair resulting in an even greater chance of killing off the follicle. When performed by a professional at Beauty Rituals in Canfield, OH sugaring’s only side effects or disadvantages noted with this particular hair removal method is its effects on highly sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, there could be redness and a bit of inflammation. As long as the method is performed properly, no damage to the skin should occur. This is usually treated by a cream or treatment to reduce inflammation.

So now that we know what we are using and where we are using it, let's lay down a few ground rules before your appointment at Beauty Rituals for skincare services in Canfield, OH:

1-If you're shaving or using a depilatory cream stop using it 3 weeks before your appointment. We need your hair to be 1/4 of an inch or the length of a grain of rice.

2-Do not go tanning 48 hrs. before or after your appointment. You skin could be burnt or sensitive and waxing/sugaring can cause further irritation.

3- Plan your workouts for a different day. You should not do anything that works up a sweat after your appointment. Your follicle is open and exposed to bacteria. Swimming is also something not ideal for 24 hrs after wax.

4-The day before its best to exfoliate using a dry brush or natural bristle body brush . This can be done before your shower on dry skin. You can follow up with a gentle chemical exfoliation that your Esthetician can provide for you. This helps gently exfoliate the dead skin off of the follicle.

5- Plan this away from your period if you are a sensitive person. With hormones heightened in our system we become more sensitive. This being said if your ok with the sensitivity then you can plan a few days before or after your cycle so your grow out week is at the same time.

6- Pain relief. If you need to take a pain reliever do so. If your not sure which ones you can take consult your physician as they can better assist you. If you think you need to be numbed you can request this service at an additional charge and added time to your appointment.

7-Refrain from sex for 24 hrs. You will be exposing your newly waxed or sugared peach to bacteria . So before the special occasion your planning be mindful when you book your appointment.

I hope this is helpful to all of you and I can’t wait to see you at your next appointment. If you’re still feeling a little uneasy about hair removal methods contact me in Canfield, OH at Beauty Rituals Skincare to discuss the service further. You'll be happy you did this.



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